About my work

OIL PAINTING — Light, space and ambience are for me the most interesting aspects which I try to depict in my paintings.

The landscapes are the result of my daily observations of nature which surrounds me. Often I repeat the same themes which change depending on the weather, time of day or season. This approach allows me to delve deeper into the subject matter. I try to adapt nature to fit into my vision of the world and to catch a glimpse of its whimsical dimensions.

WATERCOLOURS — Studies of nature, travel and holiday souvenirs. I also present a few illustrations from the book “Skarby Króla Dzierżykraja” by Halina Flis-Kuczyńska.

SET OF LINOCUTS — Stations of the Cross made in 1999 as illustrations for the text “Stations of the Cross from Kielce” by Fr. Adam Ludwik Szafrański. The text is related to the history of the region of Kielce and some elements of the landscape surrounding Kielce appear in the work. The work is inspired by the bas-reliefs of the Polish folk artist Józef Janasz from Dębno Podhalańskie.

DECORATIVE PANEL in the Saint Florent church in Strasbourg — made in 2003 as part of the interior design of the Chapel of Divine Mercy and is a reference to the call “Have mercy on us and on the whole world”.